Actual Pricing

Due to the nature of our services, we cannot provide quotations online. We have to visit the site to correctly price our services and provide free written quotations. We have a minimum charge of $145 for the stump grinding and $115 for deep root fertilizing. For services on multiple trees or stumps and for any combined services, it is preferable to contact us.

Budgetary Pricing

For budgetary purposes you can use the tool below to obtain a rough idea of the costs of our services. For the stump grinding you must first measure the largest diameter of the stump at ground level. For deep root fertilizing you need to establish the tree drip line all around the tree and measure the longest diameter from edge to edge of the tree drip line.

STUMP GRINDING (Pricing per inch)

Enter the diameter of the stump

Estimated cost

( Budgetary Pricing ONLY)

DEEP ROOT FERTILIZING (Pricing per foot)

Enter drip line diameter
(Pricing per surface)

Number of Liters required


Estimated cost

( Budgetary Pricing ONLY)

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