Stump Grinding

There are countless reasons why you would want a stump removed. Whatever the reason, whatever the size, wherever located on your property, we can remove them.  The equipment we purchased is a self-propelled compact unit capable of fitting though an opening as narrow as 35 inches.  The machine is moved to the stump location without any damage to your lawn.  We can remove any size stump and we typically grind it down to  6 to 8 inches below ground level. The grinding results from the lateral movement of a large rotating cutting disk. The resulting mulch is a mix of small wood chips and topsoil.

For technical details of the stump grinder see Rayco RG1635

With the basic service we grind the stump, then we backfill the hole with the mulch and add 1 inch of fresh topsoil. The basic service can be extended to include the removal of exposed roots. Additional services can include 4 inches of topsoil and sod. For all stumps, we clean up and remove any excess mulch. The pricing is based on the diameter of the stump at ground level. Should the stump be more than 2 inches above ground level, additional charges are factored in the price to saw the stump down to the required 2 inches. 

Please do not excavate around the stump, this may  hinder the manoeuvrability of our equipment and result in increased costs.

After we have visited your site and provided a quotation, please advise us of any important changes in the condition of  the site before the planned removal date.

With the latest climate changes and the resulting extreme winds we have recently experienced we have grinded a number of partially up rooted stumps.  We are equipped to handle this type of removal.   

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