Deep Root Tree Fertilization

Trees in urban areas  are very important  and we need to optimize conditions to favor beautiful healthy trees.  One aspect that  is often overlooked is  fertilization.

In urban environments, very little organic material gets re-instated in the soil and trees are often located in confined areas, therefore the root system is limited as to how much nutrition it can draw upon.   Fertilization  keeps a high level of nutrients  in the soil available for your trees.  This will promote normal development,  that is strong growth,  beautiful colors,  increase  a tree’s resistance to diseases and insects.   There are countless sources of material available on the Web that extensively cover tree fertilization, here are a few links

We have opted to offer the deep root fertilizing service since this is really the only delivery system that injects the fertilizers directly to the root system.
The equipment consists of a high pressure hydraulic pump  connected to a probe that is inserted in the ground 6-8 inch deep.  The fertilizers are injected starting  from a few feet from the stump at about  every 24 inches around the tree and backing out in a diamond shape pattern and covering the entire area delimited by the drip line of the tree .   It is  also important to not over fertilize a tree and this is why we use a flow meter to ensure we inject the appropriate volume.  Here is a link to video that demonstrates the deep root fertilization process.

In the spring right up to July, we inject a tree fertilizer that will mainly stimulate growth.  From July  to late fall we inject a fertilizer that will rather promote root development. We use  slow release tree fertilizers manufactured by Doggeet, in fact the fertilizers can be released over a period up to 12 months.  For more details on the fertilizers we are using , you can visit

In times of severe heat and associated drought,  some trees are often under crisis and  we can inject water where it is most needed, that is right at the root system. This is by far the most efficient way of watering a tree. The injection process will soften up the soil and increase the oxygen content.     


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